Selling Real Estate In Alberta

It is not uncommon, when selling a home, to leave the legal transaction details to the end. They can often become an after thought. Choosing the right real estate lawyer in Edmonton will point your selling efforts in the right direction. Most real estate sales require the guidance and skilled attention of a focused real estate lawyer who understands the local market, laws, and real estate regulations. This understanding can clear up any initial misunderstanding, and bring your property to a point of sale much quicker.

When working through the real estate sales process in Alberta it is important to understand the role of a real estate lawyer. Some of our first-time clients are surprised to find out that a real estate lawyer’s functions including:

  • Drafting all of the necessary documents and purchase agreements.
  • Deliver the funds to the seller when the sale is complete.
  • Identifying any outstanding fees or liens associated with the Title and property being sold.
  • Ensuring that all conditions and terms of the contracts have been met and that the transaction has been completed legally.

Selling Commercial Real Estate In Edmonton

When offering the sale of a commercial property, the stakes can be very high due to the fiscal size of the transaction, a business’s economic dependance on a successful sale or purchase, and the level of complexity involving regulations, laws, and tax implications. When engaging in such deals, you need an established and respected real estate lawyer that can provide you with current and accurate information that can assist you and your company in positioning your commercial property sale. Our priority to our clients is to provide them with solid real estate legal advice, and to assist in removing legal or financial barriers that may hinder the success of a sale.

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To ensure the best outcome throughout the sale of your home, residential or commercial property, it is important to choose a law firm that has the necessary skill, expertise and experience. At McGlashan & Mackinnon, our experience allows us to expertly guide you through the legal aspects of your real estate sale. Call our firm us today and we can get to work for you. 1-780-800-7357.