Real Estate Litigation Lawyers in Edmonton

Within law we rely heavily on contract documents to uphold a transaction or agreement between two or more parties. However, as air tight as we can construct a contract, there is always the right for dispute by other parties: regardless of merit. In the case of real estate disputes there is often the complaint made that one party has not been adequately compensated by the other, or the goods sold were falsely represented. In the cases of real estate litigation, our lawyers at McGlashan & Mackinnon will leverage every resource available to bolster our client’s position, while trying to find resolution as quickly as possible. In Edmonton, McGlashan & Mackinnon holds a very strong reputation amongst agents, vendors, buyers, lessees, lessors, lenders and insurers in a wide range of residential and commercial real estate litigation matters. More specific scenarios that result in property litigation include:

  • Collapsed transactions
  • Deposit disputes
  • Valuation disputes
  • Defects of title and property
  • Fraud
  • Financing and foreclosures
  • Lease renewal and termination
  • Condominium disputes and collections
  • Commercial and residential eviction
  • Repudiations

Common Real Estate Litigation

Our team of real estate lawyers in Edmonton hold a great deal of experience and success in representing clients of real estate litigation cases. When faced with such a dispute, it is paramount that you work with a focused real estate lawyer who understands the nature of such disputes, and understands the process in finding efficient resolve.If you have a litigation matter that involves Structural Defects, Builders Liens or Contract Disputes, the lawyers at McGlashan and Mackinnon would like to put their experience to work for you.

Structural Defects & Black Mould

While not common, there are instances where a new home or property owner finds defects, damages, or facts about a property that were misrepresented at the time of sale. If the issues are substantial and pose a threat to those living in the house, they may be inclined to hold the seller responsible for such repairs. Regardless of your side in a dispute (black mould, structural damage, water damage, etc.), work with our dedicated property litigators to produce a swift and ideal result.

Builders Liens In Alberta

If a person or organization, who was involved in the construction or renovation of a property, feels that they have not been paid sufficiently for their service, they have the legal right to put a builders lien against the title. A builder’s lien is a claim for payment and is a legal recourse for workers, suppliers, contractors and other professionals who feel that they have not been paid what is owed them. If you are involved in either side of a builder’s lien dispute, the litigation team at McGlashan & Mackinnon can help you resolve the matter and protect your interests.

Contract Disputes In Alberta

There are many instances where two parties have disputes even after both have entered into contracts. Sometimes, a person will want to sue another because they have backed out of a binding contract. In other cases, one party has failed to pay the other as specified in the contract. In some “agreements for sales” or “rent-to-own” agreements, the owner of the property will not give possession of the home after the specified length of time because the tenant did not satisfy the terms of the agreement. In other cases, the tenant may have a claim that they should be the new holder of the title at the end of the term. No matter the contract dispute, it is very important to hire an Edmonton real estate law firm that has a successful track record for making sure that the law is in your favour.

Our Real Estate Litigation Lawyers Will Fight For You

If you feel as though you need to hire a lawyer because of a Real Estate dispute, McGlashan & Mackinnon will use every resource available to find a resolution to your conflict. Call us today. 1-780-800-7357.