Purchasing Real Estate In Alberta

Purchasing real estate, residential or commercial, in Alberta is an ever-changing landscape of laws, by-laws, and regulations. The process can be complex and it requires the informed and attentive eye of a dedicated real estate lawyer. Whether you are trying to close a real estate sale, or competitively bid on an available property, our real estate lawyers can bring swift action and support to your needs. For most of our clients, buying a home or piece of real estate property is among the biggest purchases they will make in their lives. Because of this, there are a number of questions that routinely surface such as:

  • When buying my first home what are my first steps?
  • What comes after signing an offer to purchase?
  • What legal fees do I pay when I buy a home?
  • When will I move in to my new home?
  • How do I handle delays for my possession date?
  • Does the bank receive a copy of the title or do I?

Purchasing Commercial Real Estate

Residential real estate purchases and commercial real estate purchases in Alberta are very different transactions. Commercial property purchases can take a far longer duration to close, mainly due to tax treatments, legal and financial implications, possibly environmental studies, and the typically larger transaction size which that can make or break the success of a commercial real estate purchase. At McGlashan & Mackinnon, we work closely with our commercial real estate clients when brokering a deal and we providing sound guidance and legal advice that can make the accelerate the purchasing process. Unlike most residential purchase, commercial property deals are profit driven and our commercial real estate lawyers appreciate the level of risk our clients endure, and we work hard to explore all options available in an effort to mitigate risk and grow future profits.

Contact A Real Estate Purchasing Lawyer

When choosing a real estate lawyer to represent your property purchase, decide on experience and long-standing reputation. Real estate purchases are complex matters that hold a great deal of financial interest for those involved. Call on McGlashan & Mackinnon’s real estate lawyers in Edmonton when taking that next big step in the local real estate market. Call us today. 1-780-800-7357.