Real Estate Lawyers In Edmonton

At McGlashan & Mackinnon we provide our clients with a wide array of real estate services for individuals, families, and commercial businesses in Alberta. Our dedication to customer service and efficient legal solutions has driven our strong reputation for real estate law in Edmonton. When our clients are exploring a potential property sale or property purchase in Alberta, we understand that it is a significant financial step that requires complete transparency and up-to-the-minute communication so our clients can make the best decision for their future interests.

When buying or selling a home, or commercial property, in Alberta there are a number of laws and regulations that must be followed and notarized by your lawyer. Overlooking the slightest detail in a property transaction can result in a great deal of stress, the potential for costly legal action, and the potential of losing a sale or purchase. That’s why it is so important to follow the advice and counsel of an established real estate lawyer in Edmonton who understands the market, and is familiar with those representing the other party to your deal. Regardless of your real estate needs, our real estate lawyers can represent you in matters of:

  • Buying a Home or Residential Property
  • Selling a Home or Residential Property
  • Refinancing a Home or Residential Property Loan
  • Construction Contracts

Commercial Real Estate Services In Edmonton

McGlashan & Mackinnon holds a great track record as a real estate law firm in Edmonton, successfully advising commercial property investors toward minimizing their financial risks, while helping them maximize their financial opportunities in buying and selling commercial real estate. When dealing with the complex and, sometimes, long sales cycles within commercial property transactions, it’s important to have the legal advice that can accelerate the sales process while navigating through the complex issues of coops, condos, retail, and commercial office space. At McGlashan & Mackinnon we provide legal guidance in the following areas of commercial real estate:

  • Commercial Property Purchases
  • Commercial Property Sales
  • Commercial Property Refinancing

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A property transaction could be the biggest financial decision you, and your family, may ever make. Real estate is a contractually driven process that demands the attention of a real estate lawyer that understands the ever-changing real estate regulations within Alberta. Don’t entrust such a major decision with a lawyer that is not focused on the space. Call McGlashan & Mackinnon today and let us help you successfully complete your next sale or purchase.